A quick thank you.

I have just started this blog in the middle of this month (December). So thank you to the people that have started to follow me already. Really didn't expect any one to find my posts that quick. Let alone read them. Hopefully this website will grow in to something a lot more through out 2019. … Continue reading A quick thank you.

I need your Help.

So in 2019 I will be visiting 7 places on a 2 week long holiday. I can not wait to be honest.This is going to give me a great opportunity to capture many stock images to increase my portfolio. Hopefully increase my income towards the end of 2019.On average. I will be staying at each … Continue reading I need your Help.

My $$$ Expectations

So what are my expectation in terms of money. That's what we all want when uploading to stock sites. A decent passive income to supplement the income from our day jobs. For me it's to help pay for this hobby. My expectation for 2019. Is to get my stock income to start paying for the … Continue reading My $$$ Expectations

Money well spent… 2 years to find out.

This is a short update post. I've gone and done it now. Christmas day I went and purchased a plan on WordPress. A 2 Year Personal plan. Why have I just spent £84. The main reason. So I do not give up on this blog even if it starts out slow in year one. The … Continue reading Money well spent… 2 years to find out.

My biggest frustration… stock reviewers.

This subject was an idea from Alexandre Rotenberg the other day after commenting on one of my posts. I think the below is something everyone can relate to. After spending a lot of time thinking of good images, taking them and editing them to upload to a stock site. Then having a reviewer reject them … Continue reading My biggest frustration… stock reviewers.

My plans for 2019

Hope you all have a good Christmas and new year. So its going to be 2019. I will be a year older (birthday is 1st of Jan lucky me). Time to have a plan to follow and increase my stock portfolio and think of topics for this blog. If you have any topics you think … Continue reading My plans for 2019

No excuse.

There is always away to capture stock images. You do not have to leave your house. So there is no excuse not to keep it up.This weekend Saturday 22.12.18. The weather was not great to get out and take photos. Also its the last weekend before Christmas, I am not dealing with the last mad … Continue reading No excuse.

You will be rejected.

Simple as that. No matter if you think your photos are good. One of the reviewers are going reject your image. This is deffiantely not a blog to disscurage you at all if your starting out. It was a click bait title to be honest to draw you in. The reason for it I uploaded … Continue reading You will be rejected.

Taking photos is the easy part – My work flow.

Taking photos is the easy part. Well sort of they still need to be good photos (not saying mine are amazing still working on it). I came across a great post, which gives you a great look at what to expect and time frame to reach $500 a month definitely worth a read if your … Continue reading Taking photos is the easy part – My work flow.

The hard truth

Other hobbies are going to suffer. Last night after work I learnt a hard lesson while editing photos on my IPad through the lightroom app, giving titles and descriptions. In a few hours I got about 60 photos done baring their keywords which I will do this weekend. I realized. If I want to make … Continue reading The hard truth