Preparing gear to travel “Light” for my holiday.

Not long now and I will be away with the mrs for 2 weeks travelling the Mediterranean. Where I will be doing my usual little travel video for myself and hopefully capture a ton of stock images/footage at the same time. So I thought I would share how I've been preparing what I will be … Continue reading Preparing gear to travel “Light” for my holiday.

February Income report

It's been awhile since I have posted anything. My main job has been draining me lately but I really need to push through it and upload more here. It's been another good month. Let's start off with the agencies and how many images I have currently up with each. ShutterStock - 571 AdobeStock - 342 … Continue reading February Income report

A quick thank you.

I have just started this blog in the middle of this month (December). So thank you to the people that have started to follow me already. Really didn't expect any one to find my posts that quick. Let alone read them. Hopefully this website will grow in to something a lot more through out 2019. … Continue reading A quick thank you.

I need your Help.

So in 2019 I will be visiting 7 places on a 2 week long holiday. I can not wait to be honest.This is going to give me a great opportunity to capture many stock images to increase my portfolio. Hopefully increase my income towards the end of 2019.On average. I will be staying at each … Continue reading I need your Help.

Money well spent… 2 years to find out.

This is a short update post. I've gone and done it now. Christmas day I went and purchased a plan on WordPress. A 2 Year Personal plan. Why have I just spent £84. The main reason. So I do not give up on this blog even if it starts out slow in year one. The … Continue reading Money well spent… 2 years to find out.

Don’t waste time

This is a quick post on how precious your time is. Social media is the biggest consumption of your free time (was for me any ways). Working full time Monday to Friday there is only really the weekends you can get out to take photos and start to upload them. The issue is we all … Continue reading Don’t waste time