Food Photography… let’s give this a go.

At the weekend (3rd of Feb 2019) I decided to give food photography a try, to see if it's something I could take too as the weather was bad. I have been watching a couple of great, enthusiastic youtubers that do food photography for a living. 'We eat together' & ‘The bite shot’ are the … Continue reading Food Photography… let’s give this a go.

The Yellow Vests Are Coming.

A few weeks ago I read a post from Alex Rotenberg 'If you want sales, shoot what's in the news'. Go give it a read if you haven't already. Taking this on board. I have been constantly keeping track of what is happening around me. So then I can make my plans for the weekend … Continue reading The Yellow Vests Are Coming.

11 Hours In Barcelona.

Next I will be stopping off in Barcelona for 11 hours. Probably will only get around 8 or 9 hours actually looking around time. I have been here once before roughly the same amount of time. With no research and just wondered around aimlessly. I did the sagrada familia, but only the outside (this will … Continue reading 11 Hours In Barcelona.

10 Hours in Cannes.

It's 2019 happy New year everyone. Next stop on the journey is Cannes/Monte Carlo. I will be arriving in Cannes but not far from Monte Carlo. I will be here for roughly 10 hours so again more like 8 due to traveling. This is somewhere I have never been before so I want to make … Continue reading 10 Hours in Cannes.

End of 2018… Where I Stand in Stock Photography.

So its the last day of 2018. Here is a quick update where I current stand with my stock portfolios going in to 2019. I will keep an update at the end of each month going forward to show my totals. ShutterStock: Total Images: 316 Pending: 23 Getty Images: Total Images: 176 Pending: 60 AdobeStock/IStock: … Continue reading End of 2018… Where I Stand in Stock Photography.

A quick thank you.

I have just started this blog in the middle of this month (December). So thank you to the people that have started to follow me already. Really didn't expect any one to find my posts that quick. Let alone read them. Hopefully this website will grow in to something a lot more through out 2019. … Continue reading A quick thank you.

My plans for 2019

Hope you all have a good Christmas and new year. So its going to be 2019. I will be a year older (birthday is 1st of Jan lucky me). Time to have a plan to follow and increase my stock portfolio and think of topics for this blog. If you have any topics you think … Continue reading My plans for 2019