April Income Report. Best month to date.

Its finally time to show the income report for April. This has been a great month for me definitely the best. I just hope it continues and not just a one off.

Starting off with total images online so far to date.

ShutterStock: 683 – images 10 – Video clips

AdobeStock: 344 – images 34 – vectors 5 -videos

Gettyimages/IStock: 450 images

BigStock: 437 images

Alamy: 466 images

Moving on to sales for April I got at least one download from each agency which is a first for me. Going from worst to best:

BigStock – $0.50/£0.39 from 2 image

AdobeStock – $0.62/£0.49 from 1 vector

Gettyimages/IStock – $1.72 £1.35 from 5 images

Shutterstock- $7.89/£6.20from 12 images

Alamy – $10.04/£7.88 from 2 images

Total earnings to End of April: $20.77 or £16.31 (currency conversions to rates on 20th May)

My target to be able to pay for my software each month by June is looking for likely which is awesome. Hopefully I will be averaging double figures at the end of the year. Heading to over £50 a month. But one step at a time.

I definitely need to start capturing more video clips. There is always plenty of opportunity to do so.

If you are making money from photography what other ways do you bring in income from it. I would really like to take my hobby and start to turn it into something more.

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