XPiks Free Metadata + Upload Software

If you upload to multiple agencies XPiks is definitely something you should look at to help speed up the process of uploading all your images in one go.

Best part about it is it’s free. If your interested download HERE

I currently only upload to 5 agencies. ShutterStock, AdobeStock, IStock/Gettyimages, BigStock and Alamy. Don’t think I will start to add any more any time soon or at all.

I do not use XPiks for Istock/Getty Images. I use a different program called DeepMeta as this was designed for this agency and it uploads and submits without having to go to the website to fill in categories and hit the final submit button.

But for the others I have started to use XPiks where possible.

Photos are easiest, you can upload these with out issue to the other 4. Just drag all the images you would like to upload in to the XPiks window, make sure titles, descriptions and key wording are all good then upload.

Once they have been uploaded to shutterstock, adobe, BigStock and alamy. You have to visit each site to sort out the categories and whether or not it’s editorial, commercial etc. Alamy is different you have to wait for them to be approved first.

When it comes to video I am only uploading video to Shutterstock and adobe. Using XPiks keywords and descriptions don’t seem to follow during upload to ShutterStock. Not a big problem as I can just copy and past them as I don’t upload many at the moment. You are suppose to be able to export the CSV file from XPiks to import of shutterstocks website to fill in the info but no luck so far. I will update this if I manage to make it work as when I’m getting more videos up I really want this to be more streamlined. Uploading to Adobe works perfectly fine same as photos. Again for Istock/Getty images I upload via the dedicated software DeepMeta.

Vectors work as good as photos, I use XPiks for Shutterstock, Adobe and BigStock for vectors. Just make sure the JPG file you upload with the EPS file the extension is .JPG and not .JPEG. Also make sure file names are perfectly the same with no spaces or have special characters. Otherwise XPiks likes to use underscores in your spaces and throw in random numbers then the agencies will not register to 2 files are together. For Alamy I use FileZilla as you need to place in a specific folder to upload or you can use the website.

Its a great piece of software but not perfect and can not use for everything. It’s free so you can’t really complain. It is great to help new starters to stock photography upload more efficient without having to pay. But when income is a lot better and uploading a lot more files in one go it will be wise to search for a better alternative. In the mean time XPiks it is.

hope it has helped anyone out. If your new, please subscribe to this blog. It will be great to make this in to a community for stock photographers to help each other out make the most out of it.


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