March Income Report

It’s time for the 3rd income report.

March was a month I hardly got to upload anything with the strain of my full time job taking over.

But let’s start off will total images today on each site.


  • 606 images(including vectors)
  • 8 videos


  • 344 images
  • 25 Vectors
  • 4 videos

Getty images – 450 images

Bigstock – 361 images(including vectors)

Alamy – 388 (including vectors)

Now to the income for March.

ShutterStock – $3.63

Getty Images – $2.30

Bigstock – $0.50

The other to made nothing for this month. April is a lot better.

Total – $6.43

Not the best month I have had but at least there is a consistent income so far. The mor I upload the more I will hopefully see an improvement.

Totals up to March from each as followed.

Shutterstock – $16.27 £12.60

Getty Images – $5.91 £4.58

BigStock – $1.25 £0.97

AdobeStock – $11.01 £8.52

Alamy – £0

Total – $34.44 £26.67

Slowly getting there but a few dollars off from my target this month, but I am looking forward to see where this ends up by the end of the year. Starting to upload videos and vectors hopefully will start to get a better income from these than images. I have only just started adding vectors to the mix and already seeing downloads from these which I couldn’t believe as they are the most simple designs.

Looking for April’s totals to have made up for the few dollars off my target but will have to wait and see by the end of May when I have the gettyimages report.

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