Preparing gear to travel “Light” for my holiday.

Not long now and I will be away with the mrs for 2 weeks travelling the Mediterranean. Where I will be doing my usual little travel video for myself and hopefully capture a ton of stock images/footage at the same time. So I thought I would share how I’ve been preparing what I will be taking.

To start with I decided to get my self a new backpack for my camera gear. One that is more secure, protective and comfy to carry for long days when out and about. I opted for the Lowepro Protactic 450AW II. Bit pricy at £240 at Jessops when I purchased it. But I would rather not risk been in pain after long walks with it on my back. Also this bag is big enough to carry more than what I need. With more access points to quickly swap out gear. I also have the ability to strap anything to the outside if needs be.

So what will be going inside. Well I am trying to keep as simple as possible not to carry anything that will not be used.


  • Camera – Canon 80D
  • GoPro Hero 4 Black (Maybe. Something that may never get used but will be glad ive brought it just in case more than likely stay in our room)


  • Main lenses
    • Lens 1 – Canon 17-40mmL f4.0 – This will be mainly on my camera at all times
    • Lens 2 – Canon 70-200mmL f4.0
  • Optional lenses just in case
    • Lenses that are light enough and take hardly any room (Stack on top of each other)
    • Lens 3 – Canon 10-18mm STM
    • Lens 4 – Canon 50mm f1.8 STM


  • 3x LP-E6N for canon 80D
  • USB powered charger for 2x LP-E6N batteries
  • Zhiyun Crane Plus Gimbal – I used to own a glide cam HD 4000 which i loved, but, the weight of this thing was way to much to consider to travel with. I sold it to purchase the Crane Plus for smooth video as my hand held with non stabilized lenses would be terrible and a waste of time and memory. This gimbal also have an amazing feature for time lapse videos. You are able to program points of movement you would like to it move during your time lapse. Handy to add a little bit more to them. Also another reason for this purchase I do not want to be carrying a gimbal and a tripod. I am hoping this will cancel the need for one. With that been said I will be putting my manfrotto befree tripod in my suit case to have just incase I really need to have it.
  • 4x Crane Plus batteries – 2 should be enough for all day but just in case 2 extra just to be safe.
  • USB powered charger for 2x Crane Plus batteries at a time – so in the event I manage to run one set down i can use my power bank to charge the others on the go.
  • BlackStone 77mm 10 stop ND filter – amazing for long exposures to blur out water or light trails at night.
  • Hoya 52mm variable ND filter
  • Andoer 77mm variable ND filter – This will be on the 17-40mm lens at most times for video so I can keep that f stop down.
  • Anker 20100mah battery pack – just in case i manage to run all my batteries out in a single day out and about (doubt it very much) but also can charge my phone as well.
  • Step up rings so I can use my ND filters on any lens.
  • Intervalometer/shutter release – for when I take time lapse or dont want to cause any vibration on long exposures.
  • blower for dust you never know.
  • Spare memory cards in a protective holder just in case I run out of space. Camera will have 64gb card in at all times, I think this should be plenty for each day. I will be backing up straight away when back in our room to a hard drive.

Typing all this out makes me think I still going over board with how much I’m taking. Going to have to try this out a few time out and about to make sure.

If you travel a lot with camera gear how much do you take especially if your into stock photography. Interested to see how other people travel.

2 thoughts on “Preparing gear to travel “Light” for my holiday.

  1. Seeing your gear makes me realize how much I have to learn! If I was packing for a trip at this point it would be like, “Kit lens? Check. Okay, I’m ready!” Have a great trip. Will look forward to seeing your photos. And I can actually follow you on Instagram, now that I finally have an account set up. 🙂

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