February Income report

It’s been awhile since I have posted anything. My main job has been draining me lately but I really need to push through it and upload more here.

It’s been another good month.

Let’s start off with the agencies and how many images I have currently up with each.

ShutterStock – 571

AdobeStock – 342

Getty Images – 450

Big Stock – 326


I am going to start making a big effort to start capturing video and getting them uploaded along with images. With the equipment I currently own I am stuck with 1080p for video but with time lapses I can get 4K as it will be images stitched together.

Let get to why you have clicked on this link the income from each agency for February.

ShutterStock (9 Images) – $5.51 £4.16

AdobeStock (1 image) – $6.38 £4.80

Getty Images (5 images) – $1.54 £1.16

Big Stock (3 images) – $0.75 £0.57

February Total – $14.18 £10.69

AlamyNothing has sold yet with Alamy

The one image that sold with adobe was a flat lay of a Succulent plant on a white background. Which I didn’t really think would be a great seller. Turns out it’s the one that’s already brought in the most money with 1 download haha. I think it will be wise to start capturing more of these style of shots. I definitely need a better screen as my backgrounds look white on screen but then on iPad or my phone you can still see they are slightly off. Practice makes perfect…

Income from microstock so far:

ShutterStock – $12.64 £9.54

AdobeStock – $10.96 £8.27

Getty Images – $3.61 £2.72

Big Stock – $0.75 £0.57

Alamy – £0

Total (Ending February) – $27.96 £21.10

Not enough for a payout on each yet but slowly increasing the amount that is coming in each month. I have reached my first goal of earning enough in a month to pay for the adobe software I use. Also doubled my total earnings in a month which has given me a great lift. Hopefully March brings another increase and step in the right direction.

I have had a rough time at my day job the past few weeks trying to hit ridiculous dead lines. It has drained me to the point I have let my passion slide for photography and getting images uploaded recently. So this weekend I’m heading out and capturing some new images and start to capture videos. The amount of places I have been and missed the opportunity to get video at the same time I could have really increased my income even more.

Let’s see what March brings at the end of April.

I would like to double my images by the end of April. Might be a big ask with only having weekends but goals are there to be set and worked towards.

A quick question for the community if you upload videos to stock sites. Do you use software to upload to multiple sites in one go so you do not have to type out metadata multiple times. If so what software do you guys use what is your work flow?

4 thoughts on “February Income report

  1. Doubling your earnings is fantastic! Your plant photo is really good. That’s exactly what I think of as a stock image. I hear you on the draining day job. I started this month trying to take at least one photo every day and it’s not really happening – hoping to catch up as I have a few days off coming up.

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