January income report… Best month so far.

Its that time of the month again where I show you my income from stock photography. December was terrible at only $0.75 from shutterstock and £1 from adobe.

January was far better for me. But first here are the numbers for how many images I have with each agency.

  • ShutterStock: 481
  • AdobeStock/Istock: 295
  • Getty Images: 326
  • Alamy: 202
  • BigStock: 258

As you can see ShutterStock remains the agency with the most images and I dont expect that to change anytime soon. Alamy and Bigstock are the new agencies I am uploading to as well now which I have yet to see any sales, but they will come eventually.

So down to the actually earnings from January.

  • ShutterStock: $3.63
    • 8 images sold 7 at $0.25 1 at $1.88
  • AdobeStock/Istock: £1.73
    • 3 images sold 2 at £0.75 and 1 at £0.25
  • Getty Images: $0.15
    • 2 image sold 1 for $0.12 and the other for $0.03

Totals altogether up to the end of January.

  • ShutterStock: $4.38 (£3.35)
  • AdobeStock/Istock: £3.46
  • Getty Images: $2.07 (£1.58)
  • Total: £8.39

Not enough to withdraw any money yet.

It may not be a lot. But January has been the best income so far for the images I have uploaded. It is a big improvement from previous months which were mainly around $1.

I can only see this increasing the more I upload. You may be think whats even the point with earnings like this. This is a long game the income is not going to increase dramatically over night or be a massive earner at the end. This is only to eventually supplement the day job income not replace it and help improve equipment.

I am nearing my goal for the income from this to start paying for the software I use. It is a big confidence boost I am going in the right direction. I just need to keep my head down and not drift off from the images I am uploading every week.

Getting stuck into stock photography and taking it more serious. Has really made a difference of getting me out and about exploring the places near by me to get stock photos. I cant not wait to explore even more place this year we are only in February now and I have been on 5 different adventures.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and if you are getting in to stock or just started hope it gives you an insight of what to expect. Looking forward to seeing what February sales bring at the end of March I think its going to be better.

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