Food Photography… let’s give this a go.

At the weekend (3rd of Feb 2019) I decided to give food photography a try, to see if it’s something I could take too as the weather was bad.

I have been watching a couple of great, enthusiastic youtubers that do food photography for a living. ‘We eat together’ & ‘The bite shot’ are the channels if your wondering.

I started by looking for some flat lays that would look interesting in the background instead of my kitchen table. I really would like to get some genuine materials to use as flat lay backgrounds, but before I do I need to make sure these types of images would be worth my time and investment. And to make sure I enjoy taking these types of photos.

After a bit of research there were some great flat lays on Etsy, but I did not want to pay £20 a sheet. I ended up finding few self adhesive films for roughly £7 each from a local hardware store. Didn’t have anything to loose at that price. I purchased a white marble affect (haven’t tried this one yet) and a black slate effect roll.

The reason for wanting to try this, is because it’s something I can do when ever I am stuck at home. It’s something that is always accessible, I can meal prep for the working week ahead and get some stock photos at the same time.

I laid out my new hardware store flat lay (black slate effect) and worked my way through different set ups. Starting off with the raw ingredients, working my way through prep to the final product. Here are a few shots I got from my first time shooting food photography.

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I don’t expect to see any sales from these types of images any time soon as I wont have uploaded many of this type before. If I keep this style up though I should be able to improve the quality of these images and see some sales coming in from them. But I do think if I keep doing these, it will only be once a month if I am stuck inside the house when the weather is bad. I want to use stock photography to get out more and visit new places, not spend my free time inside 4 walls. I do that during my 9 to 5 job Monday to Friday.

Im looking forward to trying flat lay photography again and use the white marble affect next. The mrs works for a makeup company which as you can imagine we have tool boxes full of the stuff, which would look great on a white marble background. These images could be a good way to go but also could be highly saturated I will have to do a bit of research and see if its going to be worth while.

If your shooting stock photography what type of images do you take?

2 thoughts on “Food Photography… let’s give this a go.

  1. No way! I’ve been watching The Bite Shot religiously, and have just decided over the last few weeks to give it a go myself. We’ve had nothing but snow and grey skies recently, and there’s only about 20 minutes of daylight left by the time I get home from work, so I think this will be just the thing! Yesterday I built my own tabletop light, and am hoping to start taking some food photos over the next few weeks. I’m thinking of some kind of challenge, like photographing everything that comes out of my kitchen for a week…

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