December SUCKED – Stock Photography Income Report

I didn’t expect anything at all to be honest. It was December and everyone is on wind down for the holidays.

The reason this is a post for my December income and not January. Getty images release your sales by the 20th the following month. So I have only just received my statement for December. These posts will always be a month behind because of this.

This was the month I decided to start to take stock photography more serious. Started this blog to keep me focused and not give up submitting photos. And to give people and insight what to expect starting out, because if you are expecting this to be a bigger earner straight away or at all, may not be the best for you. This is just to add to your day job income.

This is not to say you could make a great income from selling stock, but I don’t think there are many people out there that make a full time living from it. who knows.

The break down from the 3 agencies I am using during this month go as followed:

Shutterstock – $0.75 – 3 downloads each at 25 cents.

Getty images – $0 – no earnings from Getty Images.

Adobe Stock/Istock – £1.00 – 2 downloads one sold for 25p and the other 75p

All in all I didn’t expect anything from December. I didn’t have many photos up at the time when i started to take this serious. But this still has not discouraged me to carry on. Photography is my hobby first and foremost. If I keep submitting photos like I am now each week, I should start to see more sales coming my way.

The target I set my self was to start seeing sales around £15 by June July time. This is so my hobby starts paying for the software I use each month and fund the money I have put into this blog.

I am now uploading to 5 agencies. Shutterstock, Getty Images, Adobe Stock, Big Stock and Alamy. The way I see it, the more agencies you upload to the more likely you are going to start selling more. I may actually need to look for software I can use to upload to every agencies out there in one hit.

January sales blog will be much better. But you will have to wait and see at the end of February.

4 thoughts on “December SUCKED – Stock Photography Income Report

  1. Your photos are really good! I’m interested in hearing about your experience at the Yellow Vests protest, and about your January editorial photo sales. Also interested in your experiences with the different stock sites – do you find similar photos being downloaded on all five?

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