Brimham Rocks… 1st day out of 2019

It’s 2019 and the 12th was the first time out exploring. This time it wasn’t for stock but just to get out and start exploring the UK more and capture photos for myself.

At first I wanted to visit Malham Cove, to capture some amazing sunset landscape shots over the cliff face. But after checking the weather the week before it wasn’t a good idea at all to visit as it was high winds and raining all weekend. Last minute I decided on Brimham Rocks, the only place the weather wasn’t that bad.

Dropping the Mrs off at work for 1pm I made my way to Brimham Rocks. This took me an hour to reach, which only gave me a few hours to scout the area for some shots. As I needed to be back for 5pm for the end of my partners shift.

If you ever get the chance to go here, know that parking is £6 for 4 hours. But if you are a member of the national trust you get free parking.

The weather on the 12th, wasn’t great. Cloudy. Windy. Then started to spit but the rain held off which I was grateful for.

After parking, paying and been handed a map from one of the park rangers. I got my gear together and walked the opposite way to all the other explorers to see if I could find a shot where no one was walking. With the weather been so terrible, it was going to be a minimalist black and white photo type of day. First location I managed to capture 3 images I was happy with. 2 black and white and 1 colour landscape, can you see the dolphin in the rock?

I didn’t notice it till I got home.

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After getting a few shots in the cold wind, my hands were numb. I decided to find a new location with the short time I had with day light. I made my way to where every one else was walking to try find unique shots. With this been a highly accessible area, there are a lot of photos that are the same. I needed to look around for compositions that were unique before getting my camera back out.

As I was walking around there was a break in the clouds. Which lite up a lone tree on the side of a rock face. But typically by the time I got my camera out and the composition set, the clouds covered the sun again. So I took a few shots to get my setting set which I caught a few nice black and white images.

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I stood a while waiting for the sun to peak out again. But was getting to cold so gave up on waiting. Picking up my tripod ready to move on. I turn around and the bloody thing pops out from behind the clouds again. Luckily my camera was still attached to the tripod. Rushing around trying to catch the last light of golden hour. I noticed a better composition looking straight at the sunset over some rocks.

Stuck the camera on bracketing (to expose for the highlights and shadows) and took the shot. Turned out to be my favorite shot of my day. When I got home and  merged the 3 differed exposed images from the bracketing. I realized I managed to catch two birds flying just above the rocks at the right time. They turned into 6 after merging the 3 images which makes the image better in my eyes. After a little edit and crop I came up with the image below. A nice happy accident and my favorite shot of the day.


This has got me thinking. I should expand this site, to more than just about stock photography. I will be setting up a page dedicated to photos only for this site which are worthy for prints. From trips I take dedicated to landscape photography. Who knows I may try and sell a few prints.

All in all it was great to get out and about exploring on my own. Not having to worry that i’m taking to long while people are waiting for me. Definitely looking forward to my next outing. Haven’t decided where yet though, weather is a big factor to where I end up traveling.

Where are your favorite locations for landscapes photography, have you ever sold any prints?

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