The Yellow Vests Are Coming.

A few weeks ago I read a post from Alex Rotenberg ‘If you want sales, shoot what’s in the news’. Go give it a read if you haven’t already.

Taking this on board. I have been constantly keeping track of what is happening around me. So then I can make my plans for the weekend and make sure I’m in the correct location.

On the 19th of Jan. There will be a yellow vests will be marching through the street of Leeds. At the moment they have not released a location for their meet, I need to keep looking out for this. It will definitely be in the centre. Which means I have know excuse to be there on time as it only takes me 10-15mins to be there.

I have been told last time they marched through Leeds it got out of hand and police ended up getting involved. Hopefully this is a peaceful protest but we shall see. I will try stay out of trouble.

With this event happening, it is going to give me a great opportunity to capture editorial/news worthy images. With these images been news worthy I will have to make sure they are uploaded as soon as possible. So I will be taking my laptop sitting in a coffee shop and uploading them with in the hour of it finishing (Hopefully). This will give me the best chance of any sales from these images. Fingers crossed.

I will do an up to date post after. How may images I take and uploaded. Then if there are any sales I will let you know how they do.

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