Use Lightroom masks for pure white backgrounds.

So. Recently you may have seen I started to try out product photography to upload to stock websites. Even though I was shooting photos that were on a white background. I had it pointed out to me that the background needs to be absolutely white, not slightly off like mine were. Need to be blown out basically.

So thinking how I was going to achieve this without buying more lights I took to google and realized I could use masking in Lightroom. Learning how to do this. I thought it would be a good Idea to start doing tutorial posts when ever I find something, or what I think is useful for people doing stock photography or photography in general.

To start off your photos need to be taken on a white background.

Lets start off by taking this photo below of some plants.


This is straight from the camera as a raw file. As you can see it was shot on a white back ground but it is slightly grey.

So first off I will edit the image as normal. Not a heavy edit as its stock photos you don’t want to spend ages on photos unless you know its going to sell a lot.

All I have done here is add a little contrast, reduces the highlights, increased the shadows, white and blacks. Then increase the vibrance and saturation to make the colors pop. This has helped a little bit with the white background but there is still a little grey around the edges.


This is where I found masking comes in handy to increase the exposure to make the background true white.


Pressing (K) on your keyboard enables the adjustment bush so you can apply your mask. If you are unable to see the red brush strokes hit (O) on your keyboard so you can see where you are painting on your image. Hit (O) again so you can see the affects of what you are applying. Then hit done when you are happy with the result.

I painted everywhere I need to be pure white. Making sure I did not go over the object. I have feathering at 100 so that there is no harsh lines between the painted and unpainted area when the masking is applied. Then I boost the exposure so the whites are peaking on the histogram. You may need to play around to see how far you need to increase.

As you can see from the before and after above. The masking within Lightroom has isolated the objects more and removed the grey from the background.

Simple as that.

I hope this has been a helpful read or if there needs to be more info on the matter please get in touch.

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