10 Hours in Cannes.


It’s 2019 happy New year everyone.

Next stop on the journey is Cannes/Monte Carlo. I will be arriving in Cannes but not far from Monte Carlo.

I will be here for roughly 10 hours so again more like 8 due to traveling.

This is somewhere I have never been before so I want to make every hour count.

Is it worth just staying in the one location. Cannes. To absorb as much as possible in this one location. Instead of wasting time, travelling to a new location with the short amount of time I have here.

So a few question are:

What is there to do here?

What is a must see / do?

What to look out for?

Easiest way to get about?

If you have any insights on this location please get in touch.

2 thoughts on “10 Hours in Cannes.

  1. I’ve spent some time in Cannes and came back with some stock photos, which have done OK.
    My best-seller has been this one:
    Luxury shops, hotels, rich well-dressed locals eating fancy food type shots should do well. There’s also a local market with fresh fruit, vegetables, seafood so depending when you go it’s worth checking out.
    The yellow vests protesters would probably be your best bet for sales, if you do spot some.
    Bonne voyage!

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