Money well spent… 2 years to find out.

This is a short update post.

I’ve gone and done it now.

Christmas day I went and purchased a plan on WordPress. A 2 Year Personal plan.

Wordpress plan

Why have I just spent £84. The main reason. So I do not give up on this blog even if it starts out slow in year one. The second reason is to get the domain locked in and also to look a bit more professional.

Even if after 2 years things are still slow. £3.50 a month is nothing to have a professional looking website and a place to keep all your thoughts.

There are worst things to be spending your money on. It just seems a lot when you have to pay it all in advance. But for 2 years its well worth the money. Well we will find out by the end of 2020.

This is an investment to my hobby. Hobbies cost money and this is one hobby I have that could turn around and pay for its self and then some.

Its looking promising so far though.

This blog has reached double figures in followers so far, which I did not expect. So thank you to those that have found this blog. I hope you find this journey into stock photography/what ever else may come from this site enjoyable/useful.

I am really looking forward to this journey and I hope to start conversations with many people through out. I shall see you in the comments.

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