My plans for 2019

Hope you all have a good Christmas and new year.

So its going to be 2019. I will be a year older (birthday is 1st of Jan lucky me). Time to have a plan to follow and increase my stock portfolio and think of topics for this blog. If you have any topics you think would be good to write about please let me know.

Lets start with the stock game as this is what the blog is intended for anyway.

Taking photos :

This year I really need to venture out to take photos in different locations. So the plan is to go some where new alteast once every 2 months. I should be able to get plenty of photos for my stock portfolios as I will be roaming Europe for 2 weeks on a cruise. Im aiming to have a total of 2000 images by then end of 2019. lets say 175 images uploaded a month but 100 will be the min on a bad month. So i will be needing to take my camera everywhere with me. Lets see how it goes.

The Blog:

A reason I started this blog is to motivate myself to get out more at take photos. Also to look back on and see my progress.

What to expect. I will be posting at the end of each month what I have managed, in terms of images taken, uploads and sales (if any). If I manage to get somewhere new once every 2 months I may do a blog about my experience in the locations I visit. I will be doing a blog post for the 2 week holiday I will be going on. So that could turn in to each destination we will see depends how well/quality of work I produce. I will be taking my IPad with me so at least I will be able to start writing thoughts at each location. Hopefully you will find it interesting and helpful if you get to visit these places.

I will actually do a post soon stating the destinations I will be visiting. If you live there or have any insights as to what to see at each please let me know. I will be doing a video as well of this holiday so would be good to get some great information before we go. We will only have roughly up to 10 hours at each port. Apart from 1 which we have 2 days which I cant wait for.

What topics do you think would be good to write about? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Are you thinking of starting out taking stock photography click HERE to get signed up to ShutterStock and start your own journey.

If you have not yet checked out my stock portfolios check them out here at ‘ShutteStock‘ & ‘Adobe Stock

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5 thoughts on “My plans for 2019

  1. Looking forward to your stories!

    “What topics do you think would be good to write about? I would love to hear your thoughts.”

    – Difficult question but perhaps something along the lines of what you’re finding most frustrating.
    – How do you choose which concepts to focus on and why
    – Which agencies do you submit to
    – What are your expectations. You wrote about uploading x number of images, but do you have $ goals too?
    – Which gear you use and why

    All the best


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