You will be rejected.

Simple as that. No matter if you think your photos are good. One of the reviewers are going reject your image.

This is deffiantely not a blog to disscurage you at all if your starting out. It was a click bait title to be honest to draw you in. The reason for it I uploaded 28 photos recently. 8 were rejected by ShutterStock and I can garentie other sites will accept them (Adobe Stock just accept them all). This is another reason I upload to multiple sites also.

Dont get discurage by these rejections. It varies from reviewer to reviewer. There is NO consistency between the different people that are reviewing your work.

I went in to ShutterStocks forum to see if people were experienceing inconsistency in the reviewing of images. Sure was. But the replies these posts were getting were very discouraging to the people that were posting them. If your not going to give constructive criticism keep it to yourself. Everyone has to start somewhere and there is no reason to put someone else down. Even if you think the image is a load of BS. Say what you think would improve it or what you would have done different. Not its just crap. Will not help the individual improve their quality of work.

If your photos are getting rejected. Learn from this. Take on board why they are. If your new to stock images a lot of your first images properly will get rejected. You eventually get a feel for what is likely to pass through. Some times you can re upload the same image with no changes at all and will get passed by a different reviewer. But is it worth the time. Depending on the image the answer maybe yes. You will have to be the judge on that, you have to think how many times will it get downloaded if at all.

The 8 of mine that got rejected by ShutterStock I will not bother uploading again as I know they will be accepted else where. I don’t want to waste more time on these photos just in case they get rejected again. I have plenty more photos to concentrate on so if I start to slow down in uploads I can also comeback to these and try again.

But… One thing I do need to do is take more time checking my images at 100%. This is definitely something I need to work on before I start to add titles and keywords.

All in all if you are starting out don’t get discouraged. Take your rejections as a learning curve. Learn from them and your portfolio will increase even quicker. You will save a lot of time and no doubt start to earn more. If you do go in to forums to get help and understand why your images were rejected. Please. Don’t let individuals (keyboard warriors) put you off continuing your journey in the micro stock game. You will get better the more and more you do it.

If this is your first time reading one of my post, you might like to read the first blog I posted ‘The journey begins’. If you have any input to my blog or subjects that would be good to write about please share.

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