No excuse.

20181222_1319181642834981862836103.jpgThere is always away to capture stock images. You do not have to leave your house. So there is no excuse not to keep it up.This weekend Saturday 22.12.18. The weather was not great to get out and take photos. Also its the last weekend before Christmas, I am not dealing with the last mad rush of shoppers in Leeds.

With that making me house bound for the weekend. I decided to rig up my lights (impulse buy, I am creating a page that will list all my equipment in case anyone is interested so watch out for that).  So I could get some nice clean stock images of random stuff I think people may use.

IMG_7547-EditLike this one of a pack of coffee. After photoshopping out the logo and information. Someone could over lay what ever they want. I have managed to get two images out of the one photo. One has Coffee roasters left on but I have also created one completely blank, so there is options available.

IMG_7556This one is just a clean simple idea. From the coffee pack above. I just filled a mug with coffee beans and snapped a few shots from different angles. Remember not to just take a single photo of one thing. Take close ups and wide shots, landscape and portrait compositions. This will increase your portfolio and the options customers have looking through your images. (If they come across them that is)

These two images. I raided my tool box. Might as well use it for my hobby now i’m a desk jockey. Clean and simple again. Some one will be able to use the negative space to add words or what ever they like.

In under an hour of taking photos. Then maybe 30mins to an hour editing and photoshopping. I have managed to get about 45 photos. Tonight while me and the Mrs are watching TV I will spend this time to title them ready for uploading. A bit like what my post was about not wasting time and killing two birds with one stone check it out HERE.

Now that I am using the ShutterStock keyword suggestion tool it really has made my like so much easier making it even quicker to get photos up.

All in all this week has been great for me to get photos up for my stock porfolio. I will have managed to get nearly 100 photos submitted/ready for submission. I want to keep this up going in to the new year, looking to get around 150 photos up a month.

Another thing, I always make sure I stagger my uploads. I don’t want to upload all in one go, just in case they all go to the same person to check. They may get fed up of checking them and start to reject them. This may not actually be the case but better play it safe.

Final thought to end this blog.

I have really enjoyed taking stock photos at home. It has made me think a lot more than just roaming the streets of Leeds looking for new things to shoot. Depending on how these clinically clean photos go, I may start to do a lot more of these. I think they are going to sell a lot more due to been more versatile to who ever downloads them.

How do you go about getting your stock images. I would love to hear from you if you have advice.

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