Taking photos is the easy part – My work flow.

Taking photos is the easy part.

Well sort of they still need to be good photos (not saying mine are amazing still working on it). I came across a great post, which gives you a great look at what to expect and time frame to reach $500 a month definitely worth a read if your serious about getting in to stock photography. Its called ‘How to earn $500 a month with stock photography’

This blog post is just going to be about how I go about uploading my images to the stock websites using Lightroom. If there is a quicker way you work please get in touch and share your experience. Any help to improve my own workflow is always welcome.

What I do after I’ve taken photos:

First off I am taking photos in RAW format to give me the best flexibility. Example if I get home and the photo is a little too dark I can easily adjust the exposure without losing quality.

Once i’m done taking photos and when I get home. I usually straight away get the computer fired up and transfer them into a new folder with today’s date on. Then open Lightroom and create a new category with the date on. If you want to know more about how I organize my files I can do a complete separate blog on this subject.

Then once they are imported into Lightroom I usually go through and giving each photo a rating after checking focus and if its worth the time editing, key wording and giving a description.

After sorting out usable photos I will do as little editing as possible. Presets work great here, one click and your pretty much done. You may need to tweek a little but not much.

Descriptions, Titles, Keywords:

After the editing phase the tedious part comes. The reason I use lightroom apart from its great for editing photos. Its great for adding keywords, descriptions and a title to your photos. So when you export them and upload to stock sites its already there, you will not need to duplicate work if your uploading to multiple sites.

Descriptions – I make this as descriptive as possible. Things I add usually are locations, weather, season, whats in the image(Stating the obvious). Lets say I have taken an image of clouds. I will put what type of clouds they are, as someone may be looking for a specific type not just a generic photo of clouds.

Title – Honestly I just do another variation of the description as it depends on each site which location it takes the title from. I noticed on ShutterStock uploading photos with long titles it chopped off the end. But if I uploaded with a description it ignores the title and uses the description instead.

Keywording – Maximum keywords are usually up to 50 so I aim to do as may as possible usually 30. The way I do this is again in Lightroom making sure I add location, time of day, whats in the image etc. As much detail as possible as these are what will be used to search for images. I have just started to use the keyword suggestion tool on the ShutterStock website. This has saved me so much time. Rather than typing them out for every image. All you have to do is type in what your image is, click on at least 3 that are similar to your, copy and paste in to Lightroom.

Uploading – Once I have done all of the above. I upload all the images I have ready to ShutterStock first. The reason I do this is it will give you recommended keywords to add. It will also flag up spelling mistakes. I go through each image on ShutterStock and if I need to I will add the keywords In Lightroom if the recommended ones are worth adding or amend spelling mistakes (as i will need to re export for the other two sites I use) then copy and paste them back to the ShutterStock site after each image I go through (quicker than re uploading them). But now that I am using the keyword suggestion tool to begin with. I am hoping this will completely wipe out the process of adding more in, so I can concentrate on uploading even more photos.

But if I do add more keywords, I will re export the images from Lightroom overwriting the old files ready to upload to my other two sites.

Adobe Stock is the easiest to upload too. You can do this straight from Lightroom. Just drag your images to the Adobe Stock folder and click publish easy as that. The only thing you have to do manually is go to the Adobe contributor site (It pops up after publishing through Lightroom). Check your images come under the correct category and say if they need to have a release or not. If your have uploaded the same type of images you can easily select all and do in one hit.

Getty Images is also rather easy but I use a piece of software called DeepMeta which you drag your images to upload in. It will need you to double check your keywords and confirm some but this take seconds. Then all I do is click the upload button and it uploads straight to my account. No need to go to the site to click publish like Adobe Stock they will be up ready for someone at Getty Images to review.

Hope this insight into my work flow helps some of you. Or if you have a better way to get images uploaded to multiple sites please get in contact and share, I would love to hear about it.