The hard truth

Other hobbies are going to suffer.

Last night after work I learnt a hard lesson while editing photos on my IPad through the lightroom app, giving titles and descriptions. In a few hours I got about 60 photos done baring their keywords which I will do this weekend. I realized.

If I want to make this a worth while passive income my other hobbies will have to suffer.

In the mean time anyway while I grow my portfolio on the stock sites.

I like music and creating it but this take a huge chunk of my time when I do sit down and do it. At least a whole weekend can be spent trying to make a single song.

Its a shame as I do really enjoy it but it will not provide me any income as its something i’m not pursuing. It really is just a hobby.

Photography is also a hobby, its about having fun first and not putting enormous amounts of pressure to make it a worth while income. I don’t want to lose the passion I have for it because I want to make money from it as well. If I do that it will stop it been fun fast and I will have wasted a lot of time and money to give up.

To start with the aim is to get this hobby to start paying for its self with the income from stock images. Like the software I use £9.98 a month for Lightroom and PhotoShop. Then also would like it to pay for this blog when I start using a domain and not the free membership.

Hope this wasn’t to much of a ramble post. It would be interesting if people feel the same. Please get in touch if you do or have tips how to juggle other hobbies while your working full time and trying to gain a passive income.

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