Don’t waste time

This is a quick post on how precious your time is.

Social media is the biggest consumption of your free time (was for me any ways). Working full time Monday to Friday there is only really the weekends you can get out to take photos and start to upload them.

The issue is we all have social lives. Maybe you have a partner that would get annoyed if your constantly on the computer instead of spending time with them on your days off (Sounds like I’m talking from experience here).

As I work in an office I have access to a computer all day every day. I’m usually in the office 30mins early, but Fridays I’m nearly and hour early (due to a different start time) so I’m not stuck in traffic. I would usually turn on my computer get a coffee and sit there on social media until I had to start. Unless I really needed to get some work done. Same for my dinner break. Our office is just far enough out of the city centre, and nothing around us useful enough to get out and about for an hour. I ended up spending all dinner watching YouTube. If your using these platforms to earn money then great. I wasn’t. I was just watching clip after clip (pointless videos as well), by the time I knew it, it was time to get back to work.

I was wasting about 8 hours a week 368 hours a year (8 x 46weeks) on social media platforms. These hours could of been used for something productive. Now I am doing stock photography and just recently started this blog, I will do my best to make the most of this spare 1.5 hours at work. When I get into work now, computer is on, coffee is made. But instead of going straight for YouTube, I will sign in to my blog and start to write. Or if you have a Lightroom photography plan. You can sign in to your account online, and if you have synced your photos to their cloud you can start to edit, give them titles and descriptions. Don’t waste your time with keywording your images though this never syncs up (unless you know how to please share this with me). Now I’m getting stuff done at work when I’m early and during my breaks. Obviously I do take my job serious and once my start time comes my job is all I concentrate on as that is my only and main income. But you hopefully see what I mean about not wasting your time. I would not be doing this if it risked my employment.

Another one I like to do is kill two birds with one stone. After work I usually hit the GYM on the way home. If I’m on the cross trainer for an hour I will watch a tv show on Netflix. I know this isn’t getting anything done in terms of stock photography, but if I didn’t do this and did them separate to each other. I would of been sat watching a tv show for an hour in stead. At least now I have the hour I would of been watching a show to progress this new blog and upload stock photos.

Not that I’m an expert definitely not trying to act like one. Just wanted to give a little insight on to how I’m trying to improve my time management. Also not saying you should cut out social media altogether (I’ve cut Facebook out though and it’s great not wasting my time with looking at pointless posts and click bait titles). Just be smart with your time.

If anyone found this helpful let me know. Or if you found it a-load of rubbish also let me know. If this is the first of my blogs you have seen, why not take a look st my first every post ‘the journey begins‘ let me know what you think.

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